122Mil Sp Pilot looking for mining and ratting corp

Looking for high sec mining and mission running corp or lowsec mining and ratting corp. Have done gate camps and roaming gangs bug that was while ago.

Zero Reps Given is opening the doors to pilots new and old that is looking for a place to call home. We’re a corporation that is located in the Immensea Region. The REPLS foundation is of buddies that have flown together for over 8 years or longer. We take pride in our organization and the team we’re trying to build. Repls consider all pilots as family and there is no other way to treat each other. We are part of Razor alliance which is part of FI.RE coalition.

Our Mission

As a corporation, Our mission is to have a successful home for all players of eve. We want all pilots to log on and have fun and enjoy there time on eve. We do offer a lot of options for our players, items will be below. We believe in the community that eve is and the corp atmosphere.

  • Regular fleets with the Coalition, Alliance and Corp.
  • Coalition/Alliance and Corp wide SRP.
  • Corp Dedicated Moons
  • Ratting Space for days
  • Relaxing and Friendly environment

If your interested in joining or finding out more information feel free to join our discord or pub channel.
Look me up on discord: Siegfried vonFalkenhayn#3410
Corp Public Channel: REPLS Public


Hey there!

This is not an automated response so I encourage you to take the time to read my proposal:
I got exactly the corp you are looking for - Masters of Coin
Why? Because basically all that we do is either mining or PvE

Our main activities include:


  • Local facilities for refining, research and production
  • Build supply chain network
  • Blueprint library (work in progress)


  • Mining boosts
  • Regular mining fleets
  • Moon mining
  • Buy back program for your raw materials (At a very profitable rate not many can offer)

We also go for small gang PvP and PvE activities. In this regard, we are forming a core PvP group for the corp itself.

Also, if you are interedted in doing PvP both small gang, ESS or even BIG (and I mean BIG) fleets, our alliance hosts all of those activities.

If you are interested you can contact me via Eve Mail (Captain Sargen) / Discord (Sargen#1266) or join our recruitment channel MAOCO RECRUITMENT and we’ll give you more info on the matter.

Hope to hear from you!

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