Returning player LF lowsec/FW corp

Hey y’all. Haven’t played eve in probably 2-2.5 years. Looking to get back into it once again.

first, i was never good. So i’m gonna be even worse now. Lots of patience and re-training would be great haha, as well as a corp that has no problem dying and having fun over isk efficiency.

I’m primarily looking for something probably in low-sec, maybe FW (as i’ve never actually done Fw before). So that there’s relatively on demand solo/small ship pvp when i don’t have a ton of time to log on.

If they have a capital wing or blackops as well that’s a added bonus but not required in the slightest.

Have 60m sp on my main, good variety of skills trained.

primarily USTZ, can only do eutz maybe 1 day a week.

hope to see some of y’all out in space again o7

I believe I answered you on reddit!

Hey Luke,

We are ustz, would love to have a chat and talk with you!
I think you would have a boat load of fun returning here.

Invictus Imperium is looking for Team players who are interested in PVE & PVP

We will provide content and corporation ops for:

*Corp/Alliance Discord(we ask you use it)
*Coalition Mumble

  • co-op abyssal runs
  • mission running
  • deep exploration runs
  • PI production chains
  • Incursion running
  • sponsored PVP
  • manufacturing
  • mentoring program

We welcome:

  • omega and alpha clones
  • no minimum SP required, just goodwill


  • the corporation is currently based in Fountain space 0.0 sov
  • we have acces to a stations owned by a corp and have our own moons
  • we have 10% tax rate to fund in corp SRP & have alliance SRP for alliance ops/coalition ops
  • we will offer ships with fits for the sponsored corporation ops
    *Corp buyback

If you want to talk more, send a PM or an email.
Wyvvern Psycorax - SA
Bioshibby thedestroyer - EU
Episcopus Raptor - EU
Vilewoman - US
Talon Blacksheer - US

Lowsec is honestly kind of dogshit these days. Ever considered wormhole space? Having a null static is almost as good as having a ship cache in Tama for solo pvp. With filaments you can basically solo pvp from anywhere. “small gang” in lowsec these days is basically just blobbing solo pilots tbh.

Mate, not gonna lie, can’t offer you LSec or FW. but what I can offer you is the place to learn, grow, and Laughing all the way

Kinda sounds like a christmas jingle :smiley:

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