Zion Rebels - 0.0 sec PVE corporation in Branch is Recruiting!



We are Zion Rebels (yes from Matrix lol) and we are a rental cooperation currently renting two -0.8 systems in Branch. Currently all capsuleers are Chinese and most of us are ratting only. So in order not to waste resources, we are currently looking for individuals or small groups to join us:

What we are looking for:

  • All kind of ratter / miner / explorer are welcome.
  • We are currently active mostly from 11:00 to 18:00 EVE time so we strongly encourage capsuleers with UK/US TZ to join us and the system will be all yours!
  • There always have campers looking for noobs so if you are interested in PVP you can also consider join us and help us to catch these campers.

What we can offer:

  • All anomalies in the system, including 7 Guristas Sanctum and over 20 Guristas Haven, with only 10% tax, allow you to ratting Guristas Pirates and earn considerable profits. Salvaging is also available for newbies to get your startup cash quickly.
  • We have only 8 Astroid Belts but is enough for small mining group, and there are many cooperations in our alliance are willing to buy your ores.
  • Moons may also available for miners so if you are willing to mine moon ores we will consider buying the allowance from the alliance.
  • Our system is only 2 jumps away from Venal, where you can do anything you want including scan and hack data and relic site.
  • Alliance commercial center is just 2 jumps away and you can buy almost anything you want for daily use.
  • Startup VNIs and other startup ships will be provided at production price in the nearly future.
  • Alliance intel channel will allow you to get updated on any threat when doing your activity.
  • Alliance escalation channel will allow you to sell or buy escalations at a good price.

What we need:

  • Good spirit and be gentle, and able to follow alliance and corp rules.
  • Play active, have basic experience for living in null sec, able to avoid or deal with campers.
  • NO API is needed! NO attendance is needed! You are free to do anything you want (under alliance and corp rules ofcourse)!

Interested parties please feel free to contact me via in-game email and feel free to ask any questions!

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