[ZREM] Zeon Remnant Low-Sec and Null-Sec PvP is Recruiting

Zeon Remnant is an increasingly growing corporation that drives to provide a community for Capsuleers interested in Small gang, Gatecamps, BLOPS, Capital Warfare, and Fleet PvP.

We are primarily recruiting in the EU-US timezones atm but other time-zones will still be considered.

Our minimum requirements are to have 15 million SP and have a cruiser trained to V with the skills for a Tech 3 Cruiser for Black Ops (Loki/Legion preferred). Along with that, have the motive for the other corp activities with the end game of piloting capital-class ships.

We are currently operating mostly in Null-sec with some limited Low-sec action, however there is little shortage of PvP fun to be had. We pride ourselves on having resources readily available to ensure all members can maximize their capabilities in whatever they choose to do.

We love content and are always looking for the rare gudfite.

We require potential members to be able to use Discord, Mumble, and TeamSpeak.

If you find us in your interests drop a comment below, or hop in our discord via: https://discord.gg/AM5T3Q9
Hop in and ping a recruiter with @recruiter

Also you can join our in game recruitment channel Principality of Zeon , or eve mail Bruce Landry, FatalPassage Yvormes, Aldramiri Akatosh, or Zale Mandrapilias in game if interested.

Come and join the Principality!


Recruitment is still open! Feel free to drop by and say hi!

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