[0.0 - EU/US] Bad Attitude. Sov Holding Alliance Recruiting Corporations

We are still looking to meet others corporations looking for a new home in 0.0

Still recruiting !

Looking for corporations searching for a new home.

We are still looking for corporations !

Eutz pref / pvp oriented.

Still looking for corps!

Recruitment is still open.

Still looking for corporations.

Our alliance is still looking for corporations!

Still recruiting corporations!

Corps recruitment still open!

Still recruiting corporations!

We are recruiting eutz pvp oriented corporations into Feythabolis region.


Corporations recruitment is open.

We are still considering in takeing other corporations that are looking for a fresh start and have the same culture as ours.

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting!

Still looking for corporations looking for a chill null sec environment.

Still recruiting corporations!

Still willing to meet&recruit a few other corporations within our group.

Recruiting eutz corporations.