0.0 Nerds Wanted! [TRUPA] {WALKA}

Are you looking for access to deep 0.0 with a solid group of ustz pilots?

Looking to harvest tears?
Enjoying making ISK?

How about ridiculous shenanigans?
Or weird stuff in general?

Well you are in luck my friend!!

DeepSpace Guard is recruiting and we are looking to bring in some new blood to expand our corp. We are looking for pilots who are willing to fleet up but aren’t afraid to lose a fight once in a while.

What we offer:

  • USTZ Corp
  • Access to deep 0.0
  • Dank Memes
  • Off color humor
  • Near daily PvP Opportunities

What we expect from our members:

  • Be Active in Fleets
  • Able to join Mumble, TS3 and Discord servers
  • Willing to PvP (or learn)
  • Able to follow FC directions

Please join our recruitment channel ’ DSG Recruitment ’ to speak with a recruiter.


We are still recruiting

We are still recruiting

Still looking for a few good guys

We are still recruiting

Our shenanigans are cheeky and fun.

We have goofy stuff on the walls.

Do you got any/many guys over 30 working in the SF bay area (or LA)?

I like the advertised features … need some wise-ass ness to my evening but I’m also comfortable with making things simple, fleeting as told etc… hopefully with a wise-ass cracking me up as I follow his orders to doom lol

I’m coming back to the game, or considering it … had a great ride 5 plus years ago for a year or something.

Really though, I’d like to actually meet a few guys in RL once or twice and sort of form some social bonds - talk a bit about career and entrepeneurial things outside the game etc. some evenings … try to motivate each other a bit in an out of game way ?

Sorry if that sounds odd… having fun in game itself is also big but I’d love both.

Most of our guys are in central or east coast. We have one guy that I know is in cali, just not sure the actual area.

Did I just say meow?

We are still recruiting.

We are still recruiting USTZ Pilots.

We are still recruiting.

Meow, do you know why I pulled you over?

Did I just say meow?

We are still recruiting.

We are still recruiting.

Still recruiting all play styles.

We’re still recruiting.