0.0 (Nullsec Corp) Recruiting

Unholy Confessions is recruiting players with at LEAST 10 million skillpoints to come and join us in Deklein! We are an established corporation within an established Alliance. Your membership gains you access to outstanding space for ratting, mining (moons ect), planetary interaction and exploration. We offer buybacks of goods, to allow for better isk making at virtually no risk to you (no hauling ect). We can help you get to our space and we have the ability to transport your stuff to and from trade hubs.


-10 million sp
-Can fly a pvp frigate/cruiser/battlecruiser
-Discord and Teamspeak (if only to hear during operations with the group)
-Must base with the corporation in 0.0 (nullsec)
-Must keep a jump clone in home base (nullsec)
-Willingness to LEARN pvp and help when needed!

Lastly, if PvP is what you want, we have it! We do Black Ops, small-gang and large gang. Filaments/WH fights as well! If you want action, come get it!

Message these players in game to have a talk!

-Forgottenone Udan

Bump for exposure!

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