0.0 space, PvE, Indy Corp


  • Are you looking for good space for your ratting?
  • Maybe you love to mine and want to do it with other people?
  • You love to build stuff?

If for one question you answer was - YES then for sure we are best corporation for You !
We live in SOV 0.0 space, with good security status (the best ores, ice belts, moon goo).
We have big industry infrastructure and friendly Alliance.

Corporation is mainly German but - We also have English players and main corp officers speak English. We also have few guys from Poland.

We use Discord and Teamspeak. You dont need much SP, there is always something for do even for alpha player.

We have only 2 important requirment:

  • Ally tax - 100M/month for toon. Its for home defense and for support of friends.
  • Mining tax - 10 % of ore you mined or 10 % of ore value payed for corp.

You think its much? on ice belt you are able to mine 100 M in max 2 days.
Ratting also give good money so there is no need to worry.
You dont have skills for ratting or mining?? You can salvage wrecks and make really good money.
There are plenty of people that just dont do this after ratting - almost free money.

If you want to know more contact in game with this guys:

  • Klaus Humbug
  • CTMS
  • Zack Tinitus
    Or you can contact me in game i will arange meeting and provide more info :slight_smile:

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