Searching for a (non PvP) mining/ratting corp! [GER (or eng)]


I am currently searching for a corporation that offers mining/ratting and a discord/ts3 (please no mumble or jabber…).

What I like:
*“mature” members (no whining kids :wink: )
*learn ratting
*newbie friendly corp

What I dont like:
*too hard leadership, like “you get kicked if you are afk for 2 weeks”

I only have 1.4mil skill points if this matters.

Greetings o7


We are a new mining corp that are all established in our rl careers. Currently 4 members. 3 of 4 of us are US based with one member out of England. We accept all and have he goal of growing in the game together. I do fly a ship that offers mining boost. Plans are to have ore fleets on scheduled days if you would like to participate. Eventually move to low sec, but it all depends on what everyone would like. If you would like to know more let me know. We are blackdog mining and industry inc. HQ in Pasha.

hi there

no your 1.4 million sp are good … we have no requirement in that way
we are indy corp … mining is a part we will use more in future … we are mission runners … we do sites … exploration …
we are new player friendly … we help if you need stuff to know about fitting or what skill next but you are free to try what you think is best for you … there is always a guy to ask if you need too
you can contact me ingame and we talk … we have a public channel if you want to join
some speak english … manche sprechen deutsch

looking forward to hear something from you

Dark Crimson Sinners would be a perfect fit for your asperations . We are a small corp of veterans who are currently growing our numbers with members split between EU/US timezone . We have stable rattting and mining space with no active pvp requirements and a mature group of players that understand that RL comes first

In the short term our goal is simply to build numbers put going forward were looking for members who want to help organize and grow the corp through small gang pvp (non mandatory still) which will be supported by our Pve and industrial activity .

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Hey @Katarina_Dax

Are you looking for High Security Mining? Maybe Low Security? Intrested in Wormhole? Feeling a little brave, how about Null Security Space?

Would love to hear back from you.

Arthus Musk

Take a look at D-M-E. We are based in Domain, have been in Null, so some of us have lots of experience. More than happy to help new players and set up mining ops. Also we go into low sec for fun mining and ratting.

With us RL really does come first.

Thanks Anna for sharing our post.

I would be happy to get in contact with you Katarina :slight_smile:
In German or English, as you prefer!

Hi @Katarina_Dax, welcome to EVE!

My advice, as someone not long started myself, would be to choose a smaller, evolving corp like @Rachel_A_Moore’s Blackdog, as opposed to one of the larger more established mining corps out there. You can get lost in a bigger corp, especially if it’s populated by people who’ve been playing a long time. A small corp is more likely to get you actively involved more quickly and you won’t get lost within a busy chat channel, for example, full of people who have been playing together for years.

Whatever you decide, I wish you all the very best!