Casual vet coming back to game

Hello there!

I’ve comeback to the game after quite a long time and I’m looking for a mostly PVE/mining Corp to join. I’ve dabbled in many aspects of the game and can be quite autonomous with minimum help and more than willing to help other members. I’m from Eastern Canada for the timezone.

Fly safe,

If you are looking for some great mining and PVE check out my corp Svartur Krabbi. While we do quite a bit of PVP it is mostly to make sure the area is clear for mining of all the moons and anoms we have in the area. Many of us are multibox miners and make tons of isk. DM me in game or here if you are interested.

I’ll email you in-game.


hi @SiRRuRg

sounds like a perfekt fit to me


Hey Sirru,

Welcome back to eve, I hope wherever you choose to live you find a good home. I run a community focused corp living in the north. The core group have been playing together for about 8 years and we place interest in people rather than numbers. Being part of a tier 1 alliance gives us many options to make isk and enjoy a variety of content such as:

  • Access to 3-4 regions for ratting, exploration, mining
  • All the infrastructure you could want in the form of keepstars, refineries and moon mining
  • Alliance level logistics
  • Corp WH site running
  • Ops going off 23/7 for content

If you fancy a chat then hop on our discord and say hi -

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We’ve got a couple of returning players as well including the CEO

Hello, are you still looking for a corporation. we are wormhole space (C2-Hs/C4) We do lots of everything for pvp, mining and ratting. Our corp is actually called canadians forces corp.

P.S im also from Eastern Canada :smiley:

Please reach out if you havent found what your looking for. (Corp Discord)
P.S Ping @riehltrouble when you join :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading

We’re the Valklears - a corp living on it’s own in deep nullsec, loyal to the Guristas Pirates. Member of WINMATAR. Surrounded ourselves with thousands of enemies.

We are looking for a few more capsuleers to join us killing everyone, disrupt nullsec routes and reap the rewards (500m/h) of being a Guristas…

If you are intrested to know more - convo me :stuck_out_tongue:

B0SS Alliance Is Recruiting Mature, Skilled, and Self-Reliant Pilots and Corporations for NPC Nullsec - No Experience Required

Nearly 13 years ago Star Frontiers was founded by a group of “rl” friends with one goal in mind: great gameplay with great friends. To this day, we’ve stayed true to that vision. Through many changes, we’ve managed to maintain a close-knit, family feel combined with a commitment to skilled, well-informed gameplay. We’ve taken this culture and philosophy and extended it into an alliance - and we want you or your corp, to join us!

And Now… we’re back as Brotherhood of Spacers (B0SS) Alliance and bringing that same philosophy to a new level…

At B0SS Alliance we place a premium on mature social interactions, and on playing eve well - by learning, growing and communicating with one another. As we once famously stated, “we’re not elitists, we’re just tired of fail.”

Of note we offer:

  • Alliance Comms & Discord
  • Small Gang PvP
  • Mid sized fleets
  • Blopsing
  • Moon Mining
  • A fun, edgy experience in NPC Nullsec.
  • A Cadre of Skilled, Experienced Leadership To Help You Succeed.
  • A robust presence at out-of-game EVE events such as EVE Vegas & Fanfest.
  • Plenty of chances to lead and shape the corporation and alliance!

We don’t ask for much from our pilots. An interest in PvP is a must, but we are a mature corporation who also understand our best members are often busy professionals with families and “rl” obligations.

Our ideal pilots:

  • PvP Regularly (no hard minimums however)
  • Get On Comms
  • Interact In A Fun, Social and Amicable Way
  • Enjoys the challenges of NPC nullsec.

If this sounds like you then stop by our public chat in game “Star Frontiers” or better yet, join us on Discord at:


We are a Pure Blind based null corp/alliance 12 jumps from Jita. We have a strong EUTZ and a growing NA TZ. Only slightly quiet time is a few hours before DT. We have an excellent Indy base and a 24 hour a day standing fleet for miner and home defense.

Check out our ad for more info, I hope we get a chance to chat. Good luck with your search :slight_smile:

Looking to move to a bigger corp. The one we are currently in is move lock, stock and barrel to lowsec and looking to close up shop in .5 space. There are some member that are not interested in moving into low sec because of the time involve and the fact ive been playing eve less than 2 months. I also will have another player with me who is a heavy miner more that 9 mil in a half hour. He has some insecurities and perfur not to be in lowsec either. thats why he will follow me when i leave. My intrests include mining, sig chasing hauling Pi, missions, and PI as well. Currently looking for a home…Thx

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