0.424mil SP, Super Newbie LF corp

I am looking for a corp, so here is some about me:
So far I have discovered that newbie mining is boring and exploring is amazing(I just jump around from wormhole to wormhole in my imicus :D), I ofc wish to try out more of the game, and find my niche(although I doubt anything beats exploring). I am in the european timezone, Norway to be exact(GMT+1). but my schedule is flexible, as long as I get my 8 hrs a day in I can shuffle the time alot. Used to play Realtime browser games like Grepolis so I know what its like to wake up to an fight alarm and jump to respond.
I do have a mic if thats relevant, and my english is understandable to most I think :wink:

I know im supposed to mention more about what kind of corp I want, but as I am quite new all I want is a friendly atmosphere and learning opportunity. If I get this I will return in kind and gleefully pay whatever tax you have.
Best Regards, Delmir Sand

Hi @Delmir_Sand,

I’m glad to see you still have the sense of wonder and awe enough to go into wormholes. I hope you can keep that as long as possible.

We have some representation from around the clock. Although our peak hours are US, we do have players who either are, or play in, EU and AU time slots. I would like to invite you to read our ad to see if this sounds interesting to you. If so, please join us on Discord for a chat so we can see if we are a good fit for each other. Either way, I hope you find what you are looking for and good luck in your EVE journey.

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