-1.0 space / Ice,Raw, All planet types / R&D , manufacturing projects of tech1, tech 2 and capital / PVE and PVP which allows capitals and tech 1 and higher

Requirement to Join:
Omega Status

Programs and Services:
Donation Program
Buyback Program (Planetary interaction,Ice Ore , Raw Ore , Salvage materials , Equipment loot 10% off from jita median average price and etc)
Ship Replacement Program
Jump Freighter Service

TimeZone base:

Station Services Base
Supercarrier/Titan docking access
Manufacturing bonus on Equipments , Ammo , Ships , Capital , and Tech 2
Research and Development on Copies , Tech 2 , Mineral Eff , Time Eff ,

Alliance Doctrines Contracts

Please send me a mail if you have any comments , questions or interest into joining!