Returning Player Looking For New Home / Camaraderie & Established Active Corp


(Oryion) #1

Greetings fellow capsuleers!

Note: I will go through and check for spelling and grammar later. At work.

Note: If my long a$$ post was not clear enough I am looking for Pew Pew Pew. A PVP Corp/Alliance. Not a PVE primary corp/alliance. Thanks

I am looking for a corp to call home after a 1/2 year break. My main + legion of alts for different tasks. I have always and will likely continue to always prefer to live in low sec and be a pirate with an NBSI policy I am open to offers. NO NRDS Alliance! I have played for over a decade and have experience with most areas of the game. I do have a LOT to catch up on however as the past 2 years have seen much change. I am open to and will read all offers. Likely no HighSec unless your killboard is pimped out. I just never have much fun station and pipeline hugging for a kill here or there. If you can make it fun, however, I’ll listen to your offers. LowSec preferable but will try WH and NullSpace. Now a few other details I think are in order.

To keep this as brief as possible let me just say a little about myself. I live in San Francisco California, PST TZ but I play in ALL TZ periodically throughout the week due to my work. I am a self-employed entrepreneur in the tech industry. Web Development and Internet Marketing mostly.

I have been on break many times since I started EVE in 2004. Throughout the years both little has changed and a lot has changed. For example. Goons still control the vast majority of the game, as they have for most of the history of the game. On the other side of that, we were just introduced to faction Dreds, Moms, and Titans. The past 18 months have seen more change in gameplay than the past 5 years or more combined I think. With changes to Capitals, Sov, Skills Rebalancing, Ship Rebalancing (Finally!), just a tremendous amount of changes.

Well, I’ve been inactive for about a year or more although I have kept my main and alt, for the most part, subdued and training at ALL times. I have some things to catch up on for sure as Lots have changed in this past year or two but I am ready to hop back in the pilot’s seat!

I have and likely always will be, predominantly, a solo pvper. I do participate in fleets though and currently looking to do more fleet action. I have owned maybe a few 100 primary characters over the years with various mains. (I make isk as a character trader but not anymore. I just play and have other ways of getting isk.) This character is for all intents and purposes my main. When I last left EVE, (It’sa long or’tello butsa, messa clumsy. = / ) Anyway, I’ve lost the ability to use many of my old chars and sold off the ones I could use. So I have plenty of my old alts for various tasks. All 2-10 years old. With little SP: 5-20 MIL SP. This guy, Oryion, is my new Main. I have worked to inject the hell out of him. He’s not very old. Less than a year but nearly 60 mil SP. 100% PVP Focused. (I wouldn’t have it any other way)

Had I trained into a single race I could easily have all spaceship command skills to 5 of a single race and core skills well into a supercarrier But with my OCD and my love of ALL races, I train from the ground up including all 4 races. So I fly all 4 races, Everything T2 Subcap. I do not fly cap on my main but do have a dread alt. If I get back into EVE sufficiently enough with the proper corp I will invest in a Carrier/Super Alt.

So much for being brief? Well I will end this by saying:

WHAT I OFFER - (Bring To The Table)

  • 100% Dedicated PVP Pilot with over a decade of experience in EVE.
  • 60 MIL SP in 100% focused Skills.
  • Know how to assimilate easily into a group and know how to take orders.
  • When I am playing EVE I am always on.
  • When in EVE I am always on Comms.
  • I am a great content provider. For both my self and my corp mates.
  • I am self-sufficient and take care of myself.
  • I also take care of my own. If I find the right corp I call home.
  • When I play, I live for EVE. That dedication will be at your disposal.


  • Not looking for a group of elitist who doesn’t know how to have a good time. Dont care if you’re an elitist or bitter vet. Most of us are. Just don’t be a douche bag.
  • I am looking for the right corp and camaraderie. A potential final resting place.
  • Corp Must Be Active!
  • Corp Must Use Comms!
  • Corp Must Be Established! Not looking for a project corp.
  • Corp Must Be New Bro friendly. I’m not asking you to recruit new players just that you don’t torture them. While I’m not new, We all once were, and EVE peaked 1-4 years ago and has never recovered. We don’t see 50k players anymore. Being new-bro-friendly helps keep this game alive. (Server stats for all time. Hope it motivates you to be nice to new players even if you are blowing their shiny sh*t)
  • Corp needs to have competent FCs and leadership.
  • I am looking for unicorns and fairies and sht. Yeah. And Pixies and sht.

Anyway, I’m willing to entertain all offers. I need some stimuli to get back into EVE so hopefully, your offer meets that requirement. So go ahead, Spam away! I look forward to hearing from you and potentially flying with you.

DeveloperDan - Oryion
Cosmic Content Science

(Cpt Flowers) #2

Hey Oryion,
We seem to have a lot of what you’re looking for. If you are looking for a PVP/PVE corp with an easy way to gain ISK, you should look into Rebels of Industry. We have excellent ratting systems to be able to earn ISK. We are part of the GOTG coalition and have pvp roams 24/7. We are located in Deklien where the ratting is very easy, we have very profitable moons to mine for great isk/hr and the pvp is fun and plentiful with some of the best FCs the game has to offer. We are also 1-3 jumps out from 2 major trade hubs. This means that you can get cheap ships and focus on ratting, PVP or whatever you wish. We’re a pretty laid back and knowledgeable group that get stuff done. It would be easy to get you back up to speed and get you pvping and ISK earning in no time. Let me know if you are interested in that or have any other questions.

(Oryion) #4

Look. My post wasn’t even up long enough for you to read it. MUST LESS for you to write that entire post/reply that was made to look unique and like it was targeting me. Had you read my post you would know I am looking for a PVP CORP.

Thanks for the offer @Cpt Flowers but I msut decline right away. Have a great day, Cheers.

DeveloperDan - Oryion
Cosmic Content Science

(Cpt Flowers) #5

Hmm, no problem. Yeah, I read your post over and only reply to posts that seem to match what we offer. The reason I thought you would want to look at it is because of our large amount of PVP we do with the coalition. PvP cant happen unless there is ISK making so you can enter those ships and we provide that ISK to fund the PvP that we do through the alliance and coalition. I myself am the second highest point leader on our alliance KB. Sorry you feel the need to lash out at my post, I thought it was well laid out but I hope you find a great home in the future.

(Oryion) #6

Hey, Sorrry for the confusion on the deleted post part. I meant to reply to you. So when I posted it I simply copyedit, hit reply to you, then reposted exactly what I posted. Hit me up in game. I’ll look into you. You just came across very PVE and very fast.

EDIT: again I forgot to hit “reply” but i’ll leave it. I’m getting use to the new forums.

(Cpt Flowers) #7

Sounds good. Ill be back from work in a couple hours. Feel free to look up our alliance and coalition with a little research first to make sure it’s a good fit but I’m loving it so far.

(Oryion) #8

I recognize your name. I don’t know from where. But we have come in contact in the past somehow But yes I will do that. Likely on one of my other mains.

Anyway, YES everyone STILL LOOKING! = ) Please post your spam or w/e you have for me. Thanks!

(Crizwoo) #9

Hey Man,

My group might be a good match for you. We live in j-space, so we are always looking for good content providers. We are very newbro friendly, and need more guys to help foster their eve development. Our comms situation is probably to your liking, and we are very active (there is something going on every night, and we have several guys on during the day EST time). Our group is pretty small, and our alliance, Surrounded by Wormholes, represents our larger, but still very tight-nit, community.

Edit: Perhaps I was unclear, but we are pvp focused. If ratting is planned, it almost always gets cancelled at the slightest scent of content.

(Crizwoo) #10

If interested, I can get you our discord.

(IC1B4U Alphin) #11

Hello Oryion the Corp I’m in might just be a match for you! I read all of what you have said and yes I know lowsec is a favorite for you but we are based out of null sec. With you playing through out the day you will find many gate camps and at night I’m starting to run roams and gate camps myself I am newer to pvp but my Corp is not on the other hand. We do have to protect our space but we have great logistics and industrialist. Also the alliance we are part of is close knit like a family and we all have our backs no matter what even if we have to lose our best ships we will protect each other. Where we are located we can always find some form of a fight :slight_smile: especially if you play at night with myself I can guarantee we will be a pvp match along with other who want to join in from the Corp or alliance! If you wish please reply back and let’s get you into discord and or in game and get things rolling!

IC1B4U Alphin

(Erik Kalkoken) #12

Hey Oryion,

I am recruiting for Voltage Regulators, a corp of the No Handlebars alliance and we would be interested in you to join us.

We are a medium size Low Sec pirate alliance. 100% PVP and very active. Are staging is in Auga / Hematar, which is at the center of the Amarr - Minmatar WZ, with lots of content to be had at our doorstep. We are usually pretty layed back, but also have large strategic ops.

Only “obstacle” might be that we are operating mainly in EU TZ, although we also about about 20% US players. But as you said that might not be problem for you.

If you are interested contact me directly, or check out our corporation ad.


(Oryion) #13

Heya! First off, thanks. It looks like you actually read my post. But yeah, I’ll be on all TZ so, not an issue really. Plus I’m a solo pvp’er looking to get back into some fleet action so no biggy if fleets are sparce. Got an ingame channel?

(Oryion) #14

Can you hmu ingame and send me a link to your in game channel or discord a way for us to speak? Thanks! and thanks for the offer!

(Oryion) #15

Discord away! = )

(I DaresayADisgrace) #16

Hey @Oryion
I read through your whole post and I think my corp could be a good fit for you.
Vector Galactic are a lowsec PVP corp part of the established lowsec PVP alliance, Shadow Cartel. We’re always on comms, hanging out both talking and shooting ■■■■. We have experienced FCs who are always looking for content and taking out fleets. We engage in small to large scale fights, sometimes with capital escalation. We also like our blops drops. While we will shoot newbros on occasion, we will also send them isk to cover their losses and happily chat to them to provide advice for next time. Check our ad out below and let me know if you’re interested or have any questions

(Crizwoo) #17

I had one of my officers send you a link to our discord. I would have done it personally, but I am currently predisposed. If you get on the discord, I or someone else will be around to chat. Hope to hear from you soon.

(I DaresayADisgrace) #18

Also our discord is here:

(CaseyLP) #19

Hey Oryion!

We seem to have a lot of what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a PVP corp with ways to gain ISK doing PVP, you should look into Aideron Robotics. We have combat fleets 24/7 and we are very active in Faction Warfare as well as owning Null Security sovereignty. We are part of the Federation Uprising alliance, the largest Faction Warfare alliance in the game. We also have one of the best Jump Freighter services in EVE, with cheap prices and quick service. We’re a pretty laid back and a knowledgeable group that likes to get stuff done without any blue donut politics. It would be very easy to get you up to speed and get you pvping and earning ISK for PVP in no time at all. Let me know if you are interested in that or have any other questions.

If you need any proof of us being a PVP group look at Oicx, 8000 ships destroyed in 4 days. :slight_smile:

(King Creator) #20

I think we could be a good fit

Check us out?

Latest video:

(Shyeer '10C-NVZ' Alvarin) #21

Check out The Crown. I apologize for not leaving a longer message, but it’s the back end of my lunch break so I hope you’ll forgive me for that.