1 man corp looking for alliance with HS and WH focus - 100 Mill SP's


So… I’ve pretty much given up on trying to create a corp, doesn’t ring with me; too much effort, and too much hassle, so; I’m hoping that my 1-man-business here can join a suitable alliance, with the following traits.

  • HS living (also)

  • WH-active. - A pet WH for PVE and PVP would be great.

  • PVP roams (I’ll help with them - got 6 years of experience in this game)

  • Mature backbone in the playerbase

What I bring to the table:

  • good and indepth experience with the game.

  • Team-player

  • Extensive onlinetime - I don’t work, so EVE is where I get my kicks

  • Active from DT til long after midnight (GT)

  • Mature, polite and wellspoken

If you have room for me, write me a mail here, or ingame, and we’ll have a chat.

With kind regards

Dantes (and my alt)

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Hello @Dantes_Wolf,

I wish you well on where ever you decide to hang your hat. I didn’t know if you had a chance to see the changes that we have done over the last five to six months. I know you ran with Parth previously and not sure why that didn’t work out, but if you get a chance come take a closer look at WHSOC. We have an exclusive PVP Arm of the Alliance now and I think you would enjoy both the social aspect as well as the fights to be had.

Come say hello again in our new Discord server, even if you are headed in a different direction.

Hope to see ya in space,

WHSOC - Jump to be Known

You’ve got an interesting zkill/corp history. Is this an alt to a main?

6 years and 300 ships killed with only 25B in kills to your name is really very little.

You also seem to hop corps a fair amount, why did you leave IRC and BASTN?

I guess because with that attitude he was ONE of a special snowflake there. :happypepe:

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