-10% BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL best offer period - Top tier officer mods 300b+

Jita -10% on everything, item listing updated daily.
I will only accept private WTB contract in Jita 4-4 with correct price (lowest sell * 0.9), anything else will be ignored.

1 Tobias’ Modified Stasis Webifier
1 Mizuro’s Modified Stasis Webifier
1 Estamel’s Modified Cloaking Device
2 Kaikka’s Modified Large Graviton Smartbomb
2 Brynn’s Modified Large Plasma Smartbomb
2 Tuvan’s Modified Damage Control
1 Unit W-634’s Modified Drone Damage Amplifier
1 Unit F-435454’s Modified Drone Damage Amplifier
2 Unit D-34343’s Modified Drone Damage Amplifier
1 Unit P-343554’s Modified Fighter Support Unit
2 Unit F-435454’s Modified Fighter Support Unit
1 Unit W-634’s Modified Drone Navigation Computer
4 Unit W-634’s Modified Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancer
3 Unit P-343554’s Modified Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancer
4 Unit W-634’s Modified Drone Link Augmentor
1 Unit W-634’s Modified Burst Jammer

Jita sell price on a lot of those mods is unrealistic…

up …

Interested in the Unit W DDAs

Make a contract bud.

upp .

Good evening explorer.

Please can you mail me the price for each web and the price for all which I expect to be lower naturally. Thank you.

Im not in position to show digits in first turn. You can send me an offer though if you feel the price is unfair.

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