10 days of sodom!... er, solo piracy

I spent the last 10 days focusing on solo piracy in low and NPC null sec. I targeted unarmed explorers and MTUs, although I would catch FW farmers and the odd Venture as well. I flew the Hecate, which excelled in low sec as a face-melter and MTU hunter. I also flew the Stiletto, which worked great as a long-range tackler (it can fit 3 disruptors, which is sufficient in catching most explorers), and it can also bypass bubbles in null sec.

Value of ships destroyed: 1.35B ISK
Loot gained: 650M ISK
Losses: 0M

I wanted to share my experience. Surprisingly, most of my loot came from abandoned MTUs, which provided 2/3 of my loot. The next largest clump of loot came from null explorers, and finally, low sec explorers.

My next step is to return to high sec and gank MTUs, and perhaps goad mission runners into fights and loot their wrecks. Yarrr!


3 disruptors?! Lol, a good faction scram gives you 3 points…

You can’t scram someone 30km away

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You don’t know the mechanics!

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