10 Hammers Black Ops Division is Recruiting!

We are a specialised and experienced corporation of Null and Wh space based in the EU and early US timezone who are looking to recruit like minded and independent members interested in micro and small gang specialist warfare, particularly covert ops, recon and exploration. We are looking for all types of players, we only require that you are willing to listen to FC commands.

MANDATORY TS3 whenever online. No ifs, no butts.
Must be willing to train to use Bombers or covert ops capable ships, and listen to FC commands.
Willing to live and work in Null and WH space.
Patience and a sense of humor, Adrenaline junkies will not be happy.

What can we provide;
Experienced Fleet command
JF Services
Low tax rates
Highly supportive community
A wide experience base for all aspects of the game.

For further information please join 10HBO Pub in game.


It’s cold outside

There’s no kind of atmosphere


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