Small gang combat and Black ops Corp recruiting

We are a group of tight knit individuals specializing in small gang tactics and black ops Fleets
and we are currently looking for pilots

THORdot is looking for pilots who enjoy PvP in all forms from small gang fights to large scale fleet combat to gate camps and hot drops

we offer a target rich environment with great isk making capabilities for the down times
as well as accomplished FC’s and doctrines for PvP

we are currently Staged in a citadel in wormhole with a Null sec static to increase our chances of successful roams and a diverse target environment while allowing our pilots to have a place to live without having to move half way across the cluster to find a fight.

Current goals are to recruit and bolster numbers while helping to train the newer members in our fleet tactics and doctrines while assisting some friends in Low sec and null from time to time with strategic objectives

Black Ops and K-space Capitals SRP is currently in the works

if you have any questions or would like to chat, pop into our pub chat Asgard Local or send me an eve mail.