THE AESIR. C2-C5/Null Small Gang PvP Focus

Based in a C2-C5/null; small gang pvp is our focus. A super tight knit crew with a friendly atmosphere and long history spreading back almost 9 years. We offer content on demand through our null or C5 static with small gang roams to camps to black ops.

With the new mechanics, wormhole space has never been easier or more profitable. With content for players in all walks of eve life from industrial content to pve and pvp there’s always something to do if you’re online!

We are currently seeking active pilots in the EU or US tz who are pvp keen or willing to learn and want to be in a social active environment

If you wanna come be a part of the fun, toss me a message or join the “THOR pub” channel in game

o7 fly dangerously.

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