Black Ops PvP Corp returning and recruiting [WH, small gang, roams, hot drops]

The Aesir. [THOR.], is a long running corp with 8 years experience in the game from high class wormhole life to taking Sov to null bloc black ops harassment.

After a two year break from the game the player base from THOR. Is returning to the game to get some frags and have some fun. Situated in a C3 Pulsar with a Null sec static our target environment is not only rich but varied. The Null static on our wormhole allows for various PvP activities such as Black Ops drops, roaming, Camps and DED runner hunting.

We offer a great group to play with and a secure area with a multitude of ways to make isk to fund your pvp endeavours.

We require any 3 of the following:

20 million SP

Ability to fly a bomber and scanner

At least one alt for either isk making or scouting

Game mechanics comprehension

Loki mastery 3

Cyno V

Tengu Mastery 4

Minmatar cruiser V

Ability to fly Hic or Dic

Leshak Mastery 3

Legion mastery 4

Stratios Mastery 4

Gila Mastery 4

WH industrial support skills (gas harvesting, salvaging V, acheo, hacking, mining)

We ask that these skills be trained or you be willing to inject or train

Scanning Cov ops frigates (bombers scanners) Shield comp skills

Our group strives to hit above its weight class and we have over the years, perfected doctrines and tactics for black ops that have allowed us to get some flashy kills while flying flashy ■■■■ and having a blast doing it.

If you have any questions or want to chat, Join "THOR Pub”in game or shoot a mail to Vex Svarog o7

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