THOR. USTZ old c5 PvP corp

THOR. is a long time high class WH corp reactivating after a hiatus.

We offer a comfortable stable home with a well guarded fort. For strat ops we will have ship handouts available, so no need to spend your isk defending corp assets.

PvP focused group willing to engage in any content thrown our way.

  • Very social corp atmosphere
  • Active bros to hunt with
  • Scouts get loot from kills
  • Amazing isk potential

We are looking for people active in the US timezones. we also ask that our recruits have:

Every recruit is looked at, from a case to case basis. you may meet the requirements and not pass initial screening.
Main : able to fly AT LEAST Arty Loki, Hybrid Tengu and Guardian or Basilisk
Logistics IV
Scanning and support skills
Command ships IV
Minm BC IV
T2 HAM, T2 Med Arty, T2 Med rails

Alt 1: either logi or scanner (aux Account)

Alt 2: Interdictor/links

join THOR Public for more information

still recruiting

come join the party

still out here lurking

you peep still in WH space if not come and join us