Returning Player 62M Looking for Null 0.0 EST


I am willing to throw wave after wave of my own ships at the enemy until they reach their preset kill limit to secure victory.

63mil skill points. Combat focused, maxed out LOGI. I like to fly logi, let me shoot beams of energy at you.

I have not played in over four years and I feel pretty lost. After tossing out a handful of ships to dumb mistakes I think I need to get back into an active corp. I play US EST time zone, a few hours a night, then a handful on the weekend. I would like a corp/alliance big enough that when I log in I can get into a fleet and start playing. I have no experience in Null so I would need some help getting acclimated. Lived in low with FW for most of the time, dabbling in WH.

Looking for:
Null 0.0 - chill - large enough to do a variety of content - opportunities to fleet up often -

Hey gamer, typing on my phone so forgive my brevity. If you’d consider the freedom loving sov-free life of NPC nullsed you could check out B0SS:

Oreet pal so ill not plaster a big add or witter on at you am looking for new member and have a. Alliance thats based out of npc null. So none of the sov grind . My alliance is laid back if you like mining we have that with a very good system we hold if you want pew pew there is plenty of targets. We always stand by RL comes first
If your interested swing by are discord and say hi


Our group has what you are looking for.Even if our corp is not huge, alliance is pretty active on all tz’s and there will allways be someone on coms to chat with.

Deft Ennui!

Welcome back to EVE Online - like most of us, we always come back…
I would REALLY REALLY love it if you considered joining Project Omega Industries!

Read through the link I will attach below that directs you to our specific recruiting blurb - but, also - check your in-game mail and I will send you some specific details about how to get started with us.

There are lots of other great corps. out here advertising and you probably wouldn’t be wrong to choose many of them - but, I REALLY do think that you will get everything you are looking for here.
Our space is comfortable and lucrative with lots of opportunities including daily fleets and a very active alliance and player base to do EVERYTHING EVE has to offer.

I look forward to chatting with you!

hey man. Im the CEO of Legion Ascending, a PVP and industry focused corp in null sec. We are a part of the Gentlemen’s Club alliance and enjoy PVP all the time. We are looking for more chill players who want to be a part of building something for ourselves and becoming a big asset to our alliance in any and all ways.

Come by our discord and have a chat with us sometime and see what you think.