Returning player LF small/medium wormhole corp

Good afternoon.

Looking to return to the game after a couple years not playing. I have 2 main accounts one at 66mil SP and one at 16mil sp. I have a few scanner/hauler alts but currently not planning on resubbing them. I am Australian but able to play early morning and or during AUTZ.
I’ve been considering coming back for a while but could never pinpoint what I wanted to do.

What I am looking for:
Relaxed corp that understands RL over eve.

  1. Looking to be able to do solo activities and also be a part of group activities. PVE sites, Gas. Both being in your discord for group events but my personal RL discord when playing solo.
  2. Looking for solo/small/medium gang pvp. Happy to skill into anything that the corp needs.
  3. Outside of pvp / site running / gas, I am interested in focusing on the industry side of life, hauling and production.
  4. 18+

Thank you very much.
Have a great day.

Hey welcome back am looking for new member for my corp i also run a LowSec merc alliance so pew pew we have very little blue. So if its not blue kil it there is one are two autz lads in the alliance am trying to build up the auztz if you want more info feel free to join are discord