Returning to EVE and looking for a pirate pvp small-med squad

Hello. My name is Michael, I’m 39 years old and I’m interested in finding a small group of friends to pirate with. I have quit the game 4 times already due to the fact I couldn’t find any active friends to play with who want to go exploring and PVP together. Seems like every corp I join with either did big blops where you spamm F1 on autofollow or just afk bunch of people doing PVE.

I am looking for some active mature peeps to hang out with and do fun PVP roaming and exploring pirate style. I have about 30mil SP and limited knowledge of PVP. I know the basics and how to get around. Last time I played was 2021.

Thank you and hope to meet you soon!

Am looking for pvp members we have plenty of pew pew if ya interested pop on our discord