80M Sp return players

Coming back after being gone for a long time lol!! As with all old players there are so many changes in the game and I want to get my feet back in!!. I have coms and willing to talk through my former experience. Willing to provide API If we seem like a good fit for each other. I have other toons as well with high SP.

Looking for
null space
fleet building

Must Have
Owned space

Rex, Swing by our discord and lets chat! We have a ■■■■ ton of PvP, Indy etc… Our guys are goof ballz, but it’s a blast to hang out in coms and PvP, PvE, and mine salt!

Hey Rexsus when you say owned space I assume you want Sov Null correct? Other wise we can offer npc null space that we control.

If your interested check us out:

The link was not working

Should be fixed now.

same error invite is no good


I am a member of Black scorpions inc. and we are small primarily EU timezone corp and we are looking to expand our member base. We are part of Mordus angels and we can offer some great space to do PvE with Guristas rats and great places for mining. On the other hand we can offer PvP which includes small gang roams and up to large fleet capital fights.

If you want more information about us you can check our website (https://blackscorpionsinc.wixsite.com/mysite) or visit us in our in-game channel Scorpion’s saloon and talk to us in person

We are fairly new and growing. Looking for new pilots. Not a lot of information to start with but I perfer to speak to people directly.

check out the vids guys
contact me ingame if interested

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