Wormhole based small gang PvP corporation Hotline K162 is recruiting


(Sten Taxi) #1

Hotline K162 is a tight-knit, dynamic, PvP focused community living in wormhole space. Our main source of content is provided by a Null-Sec static connection in our C2 wormhole. We roll, hunt, and kill.

What we offer:

  • A core membership of competent, experienced pilots and theorycrafters.
  • Plenty of PvP content.
  • Challenging engagements.
  • An established, friendly, and coordinated community.
  • The chance to fly ships you enjoy piloting far more than doctrine ships.

What you need:

  • Some understanding of small-gang PvP, manual piloting, and wormhole space.
  • The ability to fly a Loki, probing ships, and interceptors.
  • Sufficient income to independently fund your PvP expenditure.

What we expect:

  • A working microphone and the ability to use Teamspeak.
  • That you are 18 or older.
  • A willingness to learn, improve, and generate content.

Where to apply:

  • Fill out an application here
  • For further questions visit us in our public channel ingame “Hotline K162”

(Sten Taxi) #2


(Sten Taxi) #3


(Endeavour Sinclair) #4

Check us out if you’re after small gang PvP.

(Endeavour Sinclair) #5

Still open.

(Endeavour Sinclair) #6

Check us out.

(Endeavour Sinclair) #7

Recruiting still open.

(Endeavour Sinclair) #8

Still looking for the right pilots to join us.

(Endeavour Sinclair) #9

Solid small gang pvp corp, check us out.

(Endeavour Sinclair) #10

Still recruiting.

(Endeavour Sinclair) #11

Not many group at this level which have clear and open minded recruiting policy, try us out if small gang PvP is something you enjoy.

(Endeavour Sinclair) #12

Still open.

(Endeavour Sinclair) #13

Actively recruiting the right pilots.

(Endeavour Sinclair) #14

Check us out.

(Endeavour Sinclair) #15

Great group, solid small gang PvP content.

(Endeavour Sinclair) #16

Still open.

(Endeavour Sinclair) #17

Small gang PvP is what we do.

(Endeavour Sinclair) #18

We have content if you feel up for it.

(Endeavour Sinclair) #19

Still recruiting.

(Endeavour Sinclair) #20

Got content, if you feel up for it.