Hotline K162 is looking for some new blood! Small Gang PvP

Great Skills. Great Kills. Playing EVE Online the way it is MEANT TO BE!

Tired of not getting recognized for your contributions? Tired of being just a plain old f1 monkey? Tired of K-Space Politics? Welcome to the club!

Hotline K162 is a tight-knit, dynamic, PvP focused community living in wormhole space. Our main source of content is provided by a Null-Sec static connection in our C2 wormhole. We roll, hunt, and kill. If you enjoy shooting space pixels, and enjoy it even more with friends, then we suggest you apply! Even if you think your skills need improving! We are all here to blow up stuff, and we would be lying if we said we didn’t learn things as we went. Fly together, learn together, kill together. It’s what we do!

What we offer:

- A core membership of competent, experienced pilots and theorycrafters.
- Plenty of PvP content.
- Challenging engagements.
- An established, friendly, and coordinated community.
- The chance to fly ships you enjoy piloting far more than doctrine ships.

What you need:

- Some understanding of small-gang PvP, manual piloting, and wormhole space.
- The ability to fly a Loki, probing ships, and interceptors.
- Sufficient income to independently fund your PvP expenditure.

What we expect:

- A working microphone and the ability to use Teamspeak.
- That you are 18 or older.
- A willingness to learn, improve, and generate content.
- A positive attitude. We are all here to enojoy a game.

Where to apply:

Fill out an application

For further questions visit us in our public channel ingame “Hotline K162”

Still Recruiting!

Still recruiting

Still recruiting! Great time to join. Lots of targets!



Do you enjoy shooting internet space pixels?
Do you enjoy a good bout of space pirate banter?
Do you want a pvp environment where you can do more than just press f1?
Apply today.

we are still recruiting!

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