Here we grow again!

Recruitment is open!

CEEK we are based in Low Sec and have great access to major trade hubs. We have access to all of your Indy needs including Manufacturing/Reactions/Refining and plenty of ore & moons to mine (R4 to R64).

We are also a proud member of No Forks Given where PVP is a daily activity for those that want to hunt and/or learn. Small gang roams, gate camps, wormhole and/or blops. Be sure to check us out this year at the Alliance Tournament in November!

Our culture dynamics are:

  • List item Real life first always

  • List item Shoot everything (very limited blues)

  • List item Always helpful (ideal for new and/or returning pilots, OMEGA required)

  • List item Active leadership & communication

  • List item Mature group (inclusive to all)

If you are interested in learning more, please send me an in game message/chat request and we can discuss the fit further.

Fly Dangerously!


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I really like this corp. has received a lot of help from experienced players and you can play however you want. Join fleets or take it easy and explore on your own. management is really good. I recommend this to both new and experienced players


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Love this corp come and join us

Stay safe…or not

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Joined in July 2022 after a break from EVE and not wanting to go back to null-sec. Don’t really want to look back!

I’ve had so much help and advice imparted in the last 2 months, I’ve been able to understand parts of the game I had never even looked at before. I’ve mostly been orientated around PvE and mining for the last 10 years, Recently learned how fun it is to do small gang PvP, reaction fleets, and solo hunting in smaller ships such as frigs and cruisers, maybe some blingy T3’s.

Wormhole space is also available and I’ve been taught so much about J-Space and PI in wormholes - There’s just so much to learn, but everyone has always jumped in to help whenever I get stuck or ask questions, not only answering or helping with my issue, but also giving me advice on future actions or choices that I’ll have to make further down the line.

Alliance corps are also really helpful. We get a lot of the other NFG corps come chill with us in TeamSpeak and everyone is always up to help each other, offer advice/opinions on fits, tell you nice spots for missions, ratting, mining etc.

While my characters are both 10 years old now, I’d consider myself relatively new to Eve as I had a long break as of 2017 due to burn-out - Coming back and wanting to get in to other content has been a breeze due to the help from others both in terms of advice and help getting things on the market while I get myself set up and settled in to a good ISK making rhythm.

If you’re looking for an experience that differs from hi-sec in that it’s more of a pirates life, but not as chaotic with politics as a fair few null-sec corps/alliances can be, I’d more than happily recommend CEEK. It’s hands down THE best learning experience and social environment I’ve encountered out of a total of 7 years of active play time on EVE. There’s always something to do, someone who could do with a wingman in missions or ratting, or someone plotting some nefarious deeds that could do with another dirty pair of hands to keep you entertained.

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Mining is disgusting. That being said, I actually left my last corp (which wasn’t a bad one) and joined this one because I consistently felt compelled to join the CEEK guys on comms. What can I say, I’m an idiot. And, these guys seem to put up with me. I’d tell you of the shenanigans I pull daily, but the moment that secret got out, half of the EvE population would probably come looking for me. Needless to say, this corp is loads of fun. Even if you are a lame miner, you will find that place you have always wanted to be. You can learn to expand your knowledge base, and learn something you didn’t think you could do. For example, if you are absolute garbage at pvp, you will find people that can sharpen your game. If you are pure S**t-water at exploration, I assure you that there are guys here that can help you sniff out whatever it is you want to find. You have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Enemies are the easiest thing to make. I’d call these guys my friends, but their heads would probably swell up and explode, and someone might say I am complicit to a homicide or something.

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Great corp and great guys!

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CEEK is a great place. I am a fairly new player compared to most in EVE so I am still learning. I have learned more in the past 6 months than I had all the years previously combined of playing this game. This is a very mature group just as much as they are fun. We can get rowdy but after a long day of work it makes the evenings go well. CEEK is just as much fun as it is an adventure and they even allow Canadians to play here.

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Recruitment is still open!

Small group of pilots joined us today! Come check us out.