100 Mill SP LF HS with a bit of everything (Love PVP, but don't wanna be super stressed flying abouts.)

Hi EVE’ers!

Been a while :slight_smile:

Took that 1 year Emo-log off - out of pure and definite spite and frustration - on account of me lost Raven, all its goodies, and those three Grimm-Brother-worthy beasts, offin’ it, with darned subcaps.

I was depressed, what to say.

Ok, so, I’m back, and now, that I’ve crossed the point in life where I’m closer to death than my birth, I’d like to NOT die from stress flying this game. - As such;

Do you have:

  • A HS-something crew?

  • A Pet-Wormhole, perchance?

  • A decent level of activity?

  • Need help with the corp-lionspulls? (Been CEO more than 5 times - all decked to death, the baaarstards, but I still love making a team function).

  • MATURE players, with, you know, real people…?

Then write me, and we’ll talk more. .)

What I bring to the table.


  • Work for the team

  • Know the game pretty well

  • Am pretty laid back.

  • Play at off hours, but EU TZ is my prime time.

  • LOVE PVP, just don’t wanna live in LS or Null, where you can’t trust quiet.

  • Speaks danish, beyond this rotten english.

Aight, so basically; A corp that does mostly everything, and lives in HS is my thing. - If you have that, and a WH, or would like to start one up, then sign me up.

Hope hearing from you


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Hi Dantes,

Have a chat with the recruiters in my corp. It’ll be from a different angle, but I’m sure we can offer everything you are looking for.

Corra o/

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Hello Dantes,

I hope you’re having a wonderful time coming back to eve. I am about to send you an email in game about us.

I hope we’ll be able to talk on comms whenever you are available.


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Hey there Dantes,

You should have a chat with the recruiters at Malevelon Roe Industries. They can offer everything you’re looking for. Here’s their Discord: https://discord.gg/vaFmzEZ

CaseyLP o7

Not living in High, but we got the rest.


eveo eveo eveo eveo http://mercenary.atspace.co.uk/hype/mc-hype.html eveo eveo eveo eveo

Click on the pictures

  • Serpentis Loyalists since 2005 | RP lite
  • Nullsec Sovereignty with full infrastructure
  • Wormhole Access with infrastructure
  • Part of https://mercenarycoalition.com
  • PvP, Biochemical Industry, Gas Mining
  • Multinational Corp
  • EU/US Timezone
  • Homepage: http://corelicorp.net/
  • CE Book Page: 40, Corelum Syndicate - check it!
  • Public Channel: Coreli Core

eveo eveo

eveo eveo
eveo eveo


The Coreli Corporation is a 13 year old pvp & drug production corporation. We are primarily EU timezone based though do we do also have members in the US timezone and are looking to expand further into this timezone.

We’ve created a mature, drama-free atmosphere and understand real life comes first. We enjoy hanging out and blowing ■■■■ up.

PVP wise we do anything from 5 man frigate roams to 4000 man fleet battles. Because of our mercenary lifestyle we see a lot of variation.

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Welcome back to the game
JAD Industries - Brotherhood of Pilots: PvP, Indy & More Now Has Open Recruitment

Jad Industries, Part of the Infensus Alliance, has recently opened recruitment again for pilots that will want to join our Pineapple Manifest Destiny.

Our Website

We are a fair large but tight knit group that values quality in our pilots instead of quantity
Join us down in Null Sec and in our Discord for the best time you can have. We welcome all types of pilots and offer a circus of activities in and out of system for all your Eve entertainment.
Some of the things we offer are PvP, Pve, Moon, Regular and mining ops, industry, shipping, and many more activities to come. We have many veterans, returning, and new players all willing to help, mentor joke around, and most importantly have fun. We have stories, knowledge about the game, and memes.

We understand that Eve is just a game and real life comes first but while online you can be anywhere from casual to a try hard core player and fit right in.

Our Recruitment video

Any Questions Join Chat JAD Industries Public or PM Orange Lucifer

TLDR: Come Join Chat JAD Industries Public and Ask me about the Pineapple Manifest Destiny

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