100 Mill SP PVE/PVP player looking for 0.0 / WH action

I’m looking for a corp, where it is not required to be on TS or another third-party communication program all the time. Where I can log into eve, and communicate in corp chat, when ratting / mining… And then log into comms when PVP’ing

I like to pvp but have mostly done so solo or small gang.
I have good experience in C5 WH where I was with an older corp. - Lots of triage and dread experience
I have experience from null-sec many years ago, when I was in IT.

I can fly Caps / Super caps, and fly most ships with T2 items ofc.
I own a few alts, with 70mill (triage) / 35 mill sp. (hauler)
I do not own a mic, and have no plans of doing so. I’m a good listener though.
I’m from 2008 and play on/off from time to time.

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