100% pure Amarr 37mil SP Subcap zero waste and an Epic Name!

Hi, I’m Facepalm McPhail, your next character…

100% trained for Laser pew pew with no wasted skills. I will be training Amarr Battleship V when transferred.

Check me out below


I have no corp history, no kill rights and no ISK or Assets. Currently in Jita 4-4 and will need a shower, I’ve been here a while and I’m a bit dusty…

Lets start at 30Bil.

34Bil. buyout

Highest offer at downtime Saturday 6th of January will own me, unless a buyout is accepted prior.

May the best pilot win!

(P.S.) I live in New Zealand, I may be a bit slow in replying to you due to time difference…

25b offer


Nice! @Cordana_Black leads the bidding. I’ve added a buyout to the main listing. 34Bil

I’m ready to go now

Do you mean I’m buying you at 30b rn?

I’m continuing as Captain Lolypop

You can buy me now for 34Bil, You have the highest bid so far @ 30bil

continuing as Cordana Black, 30b

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Sweet as, Dm me if you want to work out a deal :slight_smile:

31b bid

34bil bo

Isk and details sent.

Acc has a toon being transferred away so it’ll be 10 hours before you can start it.

Isk recieved, 10 hours from now is 2AM in NZ, I’ll start the transfer tomorrow morning my time

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Try a transfer now? The char has disappeared from my client so maybe it’ll work.

“Target user is already involved in a character transfer.”

I’ll try in the morning :upside_down_face:


Transfer done! Enjoy your new Character @Lollipop_Man


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