100M SP available *IF*

My main is from 2006, 100M SP. I never did big things in eve, largely for lack of personal connection. I connect difficultly with people online.

I haven’t been in space for over a year. I might consider returning to the fray if I would be able to find a suitable circle of partners-in-crime. If it’s a ten points resunding yes I will certainly return.

1 - A plug and play ready corporation in a dedicated, professional, low drama alliance of quick mature communicators, people with a balanced sense of humor, style wit and class. I like occasional banter on chat, but I don’t like half comatose stoned/drunk slurred yelling. People in Amsterdam would be nice to connect with, to occasionally meet up, have a drink, beat up some drunk british tourists, etc. That was a joke of course. We don’t beat up drunk british tourists, we throw them in the canal.

2 - a strong foundation in highsec, preferably near peri where all my assets are currently banked. You can have alternate zones of operation but ideally the main ops ctr would be there. Downside of Nulsec is the darn huge fleets where I just lose my wits and die. Dowside of WH is the No Clone Find The WH Invariably. Frustrating. Downside of LowSec is the uncertainty factors. I kinda like Triglavian missions as long as I don’t lose standing with other sides, so that is finecky.

3 - limited engagement in nullsec and WH. I like to dabble in nulsec and WH, but not all the time. I like occasionally jump into WH but not alone. Hacking is ok, but a bit stale.

4 - discord communications would be a considerable plus. I can’t stomach the Mumbles and Teamspeaks and such for reasons.

5 - Mining / Industry / Hauling. IO like specialized corporations with supportive positions. Dedicated goals, people tell me what to do, and I jst rinse and repeat and get the feeling I make my buddies happy without the feeling I a working for Amazon. Eve for me is about being part of a family, where there is meaning and kindness and sympathy and smiles. Connection, even though I generally have problems connecting.

6 - small fast fleet ops. I flew in heimatar with a corporation in 2011 that did just that - roam and kick enemies, with fun conversation, patience, on-touch suggestions, no recriminations and occasional slurs or superfluous mockery. I like the idea of a fleet being understandable and coherent and making sense. Do this, for that objective because enemy, however keep this in mind. Bullet points.

7 - tell me wehat to do. I have a really big problem selfdirecting in a game like Eve. I mean, the design of eve is perfect. The thesis/worldbuilding of eve is near perfect. Gameplay, near perfect. Balance, pretty good. But for me the ‘go figure it out yourself’ and come with a T2 destroyer fitted for gnorbling X-play fleets. What that is? I have no idea. Yet for some reason everybody knows. I need a mentor, preferably one with a beard and a soft voice, who tells me ‘you go collect us XYZ amount of that ore’ and ‘we have a moon goo fleet this sunday’ and I just get to work. Clearly boundaries objectives, clear instruction, little space for personal interpretation. If I need ships I just throw some PLEX at it and buy 'em off market. I thing the economics and scarcity in eve are weird. It all hinges on that damn PLEX, but what can you do? Even better, the corp builds and fits the ships, contracts hem to me at cost price and I just do as told. Over the years I lost heart in Eve. I lost faith in eve. There was a time in the goons where I just felt so damn useless and superfluous. I need to re-establish my confidence in the game that what I do makes a distinct difference. I felt like I was slaving for Bezos, and I made no difference.

8 - clear, delineated communication on a clear channel where I don’t have to dig through pages upon pages of esoterica and insider references. I get notified there is something I should do, should not do, might want to do, etc etc. and I get a bullet point list, not some encyclopedia with jumping fonts and memes and animated emojis and flashing strobing effects and links to ‘really important’ youtube vids that turn out Nickelback covers of Rick Astley, someone yelling about woke socialist satanists, jokes about weed and hotchicks etc. etc. etc. I am so done with that.

9 - If I can meaningfully fly Logi, I’d be overjoyed. I like the premise of being space priest. I adore the premise of exiting in a supportive role where I can become good at it. Can be small fleet, can be missions, can be WH, can be ratting.

10 - people who are not conservative, religious, woke, anti-woke, wap, denialists of any stripe, prejudiced towards LGBT, boozehounds, lacking in general taste. This is of curse subjective but it’s significant enough a set of considerations to upfrontize.

Contact me outworld at khannea.suntzu@gmail.com. I won’t read this forum much, very busy IRL. I have tons of hobbies constantly competing. I dance. I party. I have a dog. I do art. I write. Eve would need to be more interesting than some hot guy giving me a bootie call tuesday night and I have to choose - sit behind my 49" screen for 5 hours, or go dancing and get railed deliciously for 5 hours. Choices choices.

No doubt this post will get banhammered or whatever and yeah that’s probably what’s so fundamentally wrong about eve these days.

You Are Welcome With us :grinning:

Hello, and welcome! I am from Cold Pixels. We are USTZ based and are new bro/veteran friendly. We have a strong group of pilots willing to teach you if you are interested in joining here is a bit more information on us as well as the discord link. Come stop by and see if we are a fit for you! As always, fly safe! O7

You sound like a fuckin’ nightmare.


Drama magnet.


Best thing you could do is not to join in again. Leave the game and live life. Real life is more important then a pixel screen.
But if you still want something then i’ll contribute here on the forum instead of sending a mail.

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LoL, thanks for the laugh

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