Partially Returning Player - Not Full Time - Any Not So Serious But Has Fun Corps?

Hey All,

I wonder if anyone remembers me haha. I like to login every now and then to see what’s up but want to be part of a group of people like me. I do not have hours on end everyday to play, I might not even really have every day or every week to play. However, I would still like to have some fun. Mining, pvping, ratting, anything really. Are there any corps of people in the same boat?

Stay Rad.

You Are Welcome With us :grinning:

Hello, and welcome back! I am from Cold Pixels. We are USTZ based and are new bro/veteran friendly. We have a strong group of pilots willing to teach you if you are interested in joining here is a bit more information on us as well as the discord link. Come stop by and see if we are a fit for you! As always, fly safe! O7

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