100Mill SP + JF Pilot /FC/Super/ Marketeer Coming back after long slumber

Greetings all,

I have been away for a long time and seems like eve has changed a lot since then.

I was known as one of the notorious FC’s from way back.

However, those days are behind me now. I am looking to ease back to game playing what I do the best the market while getting familiar with game mechanics and finishing my super training.

If your Alliance is need of jump freighter pilot and multiple alt freighter characters’s then that’s what I do. I seed markets and move goods from high to null.

My play times are erratic I am AR developer in the UK by day, so most my playtimes will be night time and 1 day on weekend. That’s why I moving into logistics and market seeding more as I have limited time.

If this is what your alliance is looking for then feel free to reach out to me and I make sure your pilots will never be without ships in station!

Ideally, as I been away for so long I like to end up in corp where asking questions is a good thing! And where logistics is a focus while being supported with knowledge of eve.

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Hi Divine,

I’ve sent you an in game mail.

Hope to hear from you!

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Hey Divine,

Just want to let you know SBBAL is recruiting. We’re looking for capable pilots who like a taste for killing and chilling. I’m definitely liking your enthusiasm for doing market stocking and JFing we’re for sure in need of both. I would just like to say we also like you to go out when you can and join fleets to pew. Whether you’ve got an hour or two we’d like to see you come out and shoot the ■■■■ on comms and in game.

Let me know if this interests you at all.

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Public Discord:

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Thanks guys reviewing all my offers currently

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Hi Divine… (sounds like the start of a song or something :slight_smile: )

Welcome back to EVE, its changed a lot on some ways, but in others its very much the same. I 've come back from a 9 year break my self, EDF made things very easy for me to get back into the game.

In terms of logistics, EDF is a member of one of the larger coalitions in null and accesses markets that need stocked. So that should cover one aspect your looking at.

As far as asking questions, its welcomed. We’re a friendly corp, keen to help and support each other.
From a personal perspective, I love EVE and want returning pilots to find their footing again and enjoy the game. Its too good to miss out on :slight_smile:

As for EDF, RL comes first, but we do play to win.
EU/US Timeszone
“The EDF bar” is out in-game public chat.

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TSSOC is a member of TEST and can offer you all your looking for, if you can mange about 5 hrs of alliance fleets a month then come give us a look!

Mostly Snuggly -The Last Null sec Corp you will Join

Mostly Snuggly is once again opening recruitment after a move back to the content rich region of Fountain. We at Mostly Snuggly are a large and growing corporation that remains a tight-knit group that values quality and comradery in our pilots instead of quantity. New pilots can expect to join our ranks down in the wilds of Nullsec while experiencing never ending content in game and on coms with all of us in Mumble.We welcome all types of pilots and offer. a circus of activities in and out of our many systems for all your Eve entertainment. Some of the things we have to offer are PvP, PvE, Moon, Regular and mining ops, industry, shipping, and many more activities to come. Our members are mostly USTZ with a heavy presence in other TZs. We expect to have fun above else, which is not to say that we do not hold in our laughter and get serious when we want to, with laughing after. Our members come from all around New Eden from new care bear pilots to veteran Block Fleet commanders that will be with you be with you want to make isk or get killmails depending on what you are in the mood for.

Join us for GOOD times and laughs. Real life to us always comes first and we make it a priority. Now that the black out is over we plan on extending our member base in order to have the numbers for for shenanigans. Whenever your a harecore everyday elite gamer or a weekend warrior we will fill you in on the weeks activities. We have many knowledge members and tools to help you feel less alone in this game and for the most part ease your time in New Eden. Join us for the Elite ops, Memes, krabbing and laughs at 2 am when we drunkly do stupid ■■■■ that will have you going to bed with a smile and hurt ribs.

If being Mostly Snuggly sounds right to you and you have 10 mill SP please inquire about our Corporation by
Messaging:Orange Lucifer in game Director
Orange#5408 Discord (for faster response)
Or dip a toe into our public chat room in game at: Mostly Snuggly Pub

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