10k+ cycle golem?

is it true? can i get my golem’s shield repair up to 10k+?

10k HP/cycle seems unlikely given the starting ~900 HP/cycle of the best shield booster. You’d need to multiply that by more than 10x and shield boost amplifiers at best give 45%.

Pith-X X-large shield booster is already ~900/cycle, times 1.375 for marauder skills, times 2 for bastion module, then 1.45 per shield boost amplifier (at best). In PYFA, all skills to V, I can get 5k/cycle (1250 hp/s, 4 second cycle time) with a Pith-X X-Large shield booster, bastion module and 3 Pith-X shield boost amplifiers.

So with as little as 50% resists, you can get 10k EHP/cycle. You could do a lot more too by using resists to boost your tank instead. A few adaptive invuls will crank that EHP/cycle number up to crazy levels and, indeed, tank DPS well above 10k.

looks like it is possible. Pith x-type XL booster, full HG crystal set, Strong blue pill, 3 pith x-type shield boost amps, and in bastion mode EFT says that’s 10,002 boost, and pyfa agrees. An XL ASB gets up to 10608 boost with that setup.


damn son.

Can it be possible with 2 shield boosters ? 2* pith x-type xl ?

Ack, that 1.45 in your quote should not have been a %… I edited my post above.

In PYFA, I can’t quite reproduce what @Chainsaw_Plankton got. I’m not sure why. His setup gets me 2177.7 HP/s, which is ~8.7k per 4s cycle. Even with all mid-slots filled with amplifiers, I only get up to 2319HP/s, ~9,2k HP/cycle. Stacking penalties start to make the additions negligible. With an ancillary booster, I get 1850 HP/s, with a 5s cycle so also ~9k HP/cycle.

But using 2 Pith-X X-Large boosters, yeah, my results would give 17-18k HP/s.

Strangely enogh noone asked most simple question: why do you want it in the first place? What are you trying to tank?
P.S. Possible with oversized faction boosters.

I think you are using standard blue pill and not strong.

because this is eve and why not? Sure it’s mostly an exercise in eft-warrioring and it’s kinda funny as a 10k boost can be more than what your shields can even hold if you get the shield HP penalty of the blue pill booster. Reminds me of the capital shield booster maelstrom fit.

Its pretty crazy the EHP/s you can rep. A bling fit can push almost 100k with dual ASB and heat.

navy scorpion can do better if pimped right out iirc, not 100k though

the purpose of this is…just because we can. i want to see how strong you can get it.

Yes the golem is the best marauder as far as my opinion goes and I tried all 4.

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just because it’s using torps/cruise it is not

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