11 year old 0.0 pvp corp - open for uk tz pilots

(Markus Cole) #1

Comply or Die are a very experienced corp established since 2006.

With a zillion other corps recruting how can we offer you what others might? Well we CAN offer what we say and not maybe. We are a veteran corp in a veteran alliance thats been around for many years. We played every playstyle possible and been in every possible major war in Eve. We have the scars, we have the experience.

We CAN offer you everything to will ever need in Eve and more. An established well organised alliance that will give you the opportunity to excell whether that be pvp, mining, indy and anything else. We have the process, infrastructure, people, fleets etc all in place to do so.

We are a member of Fidelas Constans Alliance - A 3200 man alliance, leaders of Phoenix Coalition which as been around for many many years.

Corp KB : https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98227378/

Arrow Opportunity to live in high end nullsec space Havens and Sanctums all day! ability to make billions of ISK
Arrow High end 1.85mil rats - Faction and Officer NPC Spawns
Arrow Small scale PVP and large fleet fights available. Fleet Doctrines available
Arrow Ability to do lots of PVE and Industry also, we have many citadels and large indy upwells to build and manufacture
Arrow Incredible amount of sov space
Arrow Forums, help, wikis, comms tools all available, very well structured
Arrow Ship Replacement Program
Arrow Discounted Capitals including Supers and Titans
Arrow All timezones welcome
Arrow Most of all really great guys to fly with

We are offering a stable home in a great alliance and coalition, the ability to make billions of isk, mine high end ores and have access to high end anomalies, with a great support network. But most of all great fights to get involved with!

Codie as been around for many years and we are about creating a strong but hard hitting pvp corp, that are a brotherhood. We have no interest in bloating a corp just for numbers.
All we are asking for is good guys who have experience and have been around eve for a while, love to have fun and banter, like to make explosions and are similar minded.

We also understand people have real lives too!

So feel free to join our channel old codie players very welcome

Channel : Comply Or Die


(Markus Cole) #2