Comply Or Die corp opened in 2006

Discord Server : Comply Or Die


We are veteran players of up to 17 year, some have played since 2003 when eve first started
Comply or die was formed in 2006 thats 15 years ago! in that time we have been involved in major null wars, piracy and lowsec and faction warfare. We have for the past years been very much a nullsec pvp corp.

Our ethos however as always been the same, we are about bringing in good people who want to be part of a great close knit corp, have fun, make friendships and a few explosions on the way. We put PVP before PVE.

In this corp you are a person, a corpie, comrade, friend, never ever a number like so many large corps and alliances. We help each other, we fight with each other.

We are expanding our timezones and now looking for AUZ TZ and WEST COAST US TZ AND CHINA TZ

:arrow_forward: FOR NEW PLAYERS :arrow_backward:

We know how daunting the game may seem when you first start.
We want to support our new players coming into the game by sharing with you our years of experience whilst having the backing of a major alliance and power bloc in the game. Whether your just starting on your first day or still getting your feet under the eve table, we are happy to support you whether you’re an alpha or an omega.

:arrow_forward: As well as everything below we offer for our NEW PLAYERS :arrow_backward:

✪ Free skills books
✪ Knowledge sharing and experience of over 15 years playing the game
✪ Free starter ships
✪ Back up of one of the biggest power blocs in eve
✪ All the ISK making opportunities you need plus more

:arrow_forward: Of course due to our experience we absolutely bring in and support experienced and Veteran players too :arrow_backward:

:question:WHAT DO WE OFFER OUR PLAYERS :question:

✪ We are part of Fraternity Alliance - Yes we have a very strong English side.
Fraternity. - DOTLAN :: EveMaps
✪ Home in Vale of the Silent and Tribute
✪ Great amount of PVP Content, small to large fleet fights
✪ Coalition fleets constantly through out all TZ**
✪ Fantastic opportunities for mining and industrial focused pilots**
✪ Ship Replacement Program
✪ Significant amount of Nullsec space, with an extensive infrastructure and jump bridge network
✪ Null Incursions, Lowsec Ops, Capital Fights, Level 5 Missions
✪ Huge Infrastructure, Keepstars, Sotiyos, Upgraded systems
✪ Forums, Discord, Incentives. Excellent Markets
✪ We literally have everything you need or could ever want

:question: WHAT PLAYERS ARE WE LOOKING FOR :question:

Willing to get involved in PVP activities**
Active Players - Alphas and Omegas accepted
No Drama Queens, Mature
Chilled, likes to have some fun and banter!
WE ARE A MIXED TZ CORP - :uk: :eu: :us: :australia:

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