11 yo corp ready to Expand Again. Time to Grow to where we need to be

Looking for new and experienced pilots to build the corporation, we are mainly industrials though some pvp is unavoidable so we also have a FC for small gang PVP as well as Alliance operations for PVP.

What we need:
Resource Collectors (Miners, Mission Runners, Abyssal runners)

What we are planning to do:
Mission running
Large scale Mining
Small PVP roams.

What we offer:
Low tax rate
HS moon access
Alliance that works in most areas of the game.

Contact us on Discord VVIND or mail in game to: Gardun(CEO)

Verge Vendor Industries - Looking for new and experienced pilots.

Fly safe.


Still looking for our Future Friends

Still accepting active pilots. Expanding our options to full time miners and pi pilots.
Ore, ice, moon goo, and pi needed.
Paid on time and with out you having to haul it to sell.

One of our Most Productive Corps in the Alliance.

Back in PC Eve after being out of it for 10 years but was a recent serious player with major players in Eve Echoes - which only made me long for the “real” Eve experience again. Running a couple omega accounts currently - one is dedicated PVE/PVP the other exploration/ewar. I have fleet leadership/training via Mercenary Coalition and VOID alliance from echoes so have done lots of fleet engagements and small gang PvP in the past. But just want to really be part of solid top tier high isk making PVE fleets at this point - actually pretty burnt out on doing gate camps and aggro form ups. But fully understand and accept responsibility to defend sov space and will do so happily. Wanna focus on being part of helping people run highest level PVE content possible now. Wanna talk with someone who can give me the scoop on you guys and see if this is a good fit. Cheers

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