What are you doing alone in Eve?

Hello, Today the Burning Contingent Alliance turns a year old.

We have thrived to the point, that we are looking for more corps to help expand into more areas of New Eden.

Under the active management of our leaders, they have opened the door to new corps.

Active in PvP and PvE.

We offer the abilities to have access to High, Null, and WH living.

Low sec living is an option in the future with the right corps.

We have a full buy back system in play.

SRP on Approved PvP fleets and some PvE fleets.

Moon mining among high sec and null sec moons.

Coalition level community.

Manufacturing at a reduced cost.

Specialty Fleets with Trig Hunts

Fleet Mining, Ratting, and hunting.

No Min on players, as long as 50% are active.

SeAt registration is a must.

If you are looking for an alliance to grow with, or looking for a corp to join.

Please give us a try, We be happy to help.

IGC: 4T-X Recruitment

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Do you Have Ice?

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