Newbro looking for mining corps

Hi there,

I’m relatively new to the game, but I’ve decided I want to focus on mining. I am looking for a mining corp that I can call home. I am in the US, Central Standard time. If you have any ?'s feel free to ask

Come check out Zero Reps Given.

Found an awesome corps I’ll be joining, disregard :slight_smile:

We are perfect for you :slight_smile:

We are Recruiting.Pvpers/PvE/iNDUSTRY
In Game Chanel - Cartel.Pub
Discord: Imperium Cartel.
KB: Imperium Cartel. | Corporation | zKillboard

✪ IGC Alliance
✪ SEAT & Auth Are Must For All Toons
✪ We are a vet corp 5mil SP must
✪ Null Sec
✪ PVP/Industry/Ratting
✪ EU/US/AU Time Zones
Invidia Gloriae Comes - DOTLAN :: EveMaps
✪ Alliance/Coalition Discords/Team Speak

Aurelia Damaia Welcome to Eve, we’d be happy to help you learn the game, provide mining support so you can make the best isk possible. Feel free to reach back.