110 mil sp newbro

Hey mate.
We may be a fit for you. Contact us in game.

With respect Aiden

Hey dude, you may want to check out The Ruckus.

We’re pretty small atm, but we’re growing pretty steadily. Our main focus right now is Blopsing and Nano small gang stuff. We have a really good blops crew(former PL/Honorable Third Party), and right now it’s a matter of building up critical mass to be able to hunt bigger targets.

So you’ll get a chance to use your Panther.

You’ll also be 100% needed. It really matters if you bring your Panther/DPS/whatever. When we Jump on something, everyone plays a critical role. You’ll need to fly your own ship and work towards making good split-second decisions. A lot of that comes from experience, I know I’m still learning a lot.

If that sounds good, feel free to jump in our discord:


Eve jobs post

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