110m sp combat toon for sale

No killrights
Npc corp
Possitive wallet
80b start bid
100b bo

I could do 85b


I can do 86b

I accept your bid

Great ill send ingame mail and isk once i get home from work, thanks!

Same char as this sale just posted here in response and immediately deleted the comment. Be careful buyer…

thx for remind,almost send isk…

ill do 80 b if all passed

Ill take 80… with that scammers really hard sell char…

account data and isk sent

Recived, transfer started

mail recived. thx.

So you totally ignored @Chribbas bid of 86B? Hopefully He didn’t send you isk.

i think he reject

answer pls you send isk or not

recived character thx

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