119.57 mil sp char

Selling my char


Location: high sec
Positive wallet
Positive sec status

b/o 65 bil

Please fix:

Automatic ESI Updates Failed. 400 error received (Character Transferred or Revoked). Contact the owner to reauth.

if you Fix this Error and can show that u are the real owner i will offer 65B right now

What do you mean “show that I am a real owner” ?

if u can fix the Eveboard link and drop your corp, how the Character bazaar rules say, then i make you the B/O of 65B isk are ready

I already left corp.

yea but u have to update your Eveboard link cause it show an Error if u open the link.

u accept the B/O if all is fixed.

I don’t know what is the problem with Eveskillboard, but I accept your b/o

can u say me if thats allowed to buy this character if the Eve board didnt show up correct?

Open eveskillboard.com and login, authorize the character and it can update.

@Rose_Moonshadow let me know when u update Eve board
@ISD_Sakimura can u say me if a trade will be ok only if the Eve board was updated?

Find another toon, why risk?!) There are a lot of different characters for sale.

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yea i know but the Skill that this toon got are great for that what i want to use it. but i think i had to search another one that looks legal :wink:

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66 bil - fix character board link

You can trade, with or without the link working, but if you don’t get what you expect then there’re no guaranties that it will be reversed.

I personally would not take the risk, mainly due to the reasons that is smells like a scam. Could be that the character has been extracted after the authentication was canceled or that the account has been hacked. All in all, we just don’t know anything until the character has be reauthorized.

One common phrase comes to mind, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is!”

still for sale

you have to update your eve skillboard!

I did that but it still show the error somewhy

then u dont update

How much SP your character have?