12.2mil SP Character, Asking 12bil [SOLD]

(Warden Krux) #1


Has skills for Charon, as well as black ops cyno.

No jump clones, . Located in Jita. 0 isk in wallet.

HS mineral reprocess skills to 5.

Correction: No basic implants. Clean clone. My appologies.

(Raven Cuervo) #2

7 Bil Bid, online now

(Warden Krux) #3

Hoping for a little more. Will see what comes down for now.

(Chase Chen) #4

8b isk

(Raven Cuervo) #5

9 bil b/o reached in game

(Warden Krux) #6

Accepted 9bil b/o. Standing by for isk transfer.

(Warden Krux) #7

ISK received. Beginning transfer now.

(Raven Cuervo) #8

Isk Transferred and account name sent. Very Smooth and quick transaction

(Warden Krux) #9

Transfer initiated. TY.

(system) #10

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