123 mil char to sell

(Heiko16v) #1


I am for sale. Make me some good offers.

I will pay transfer
Sec status 5.0
Positive wallet
No kill rights

Char located at High sec

Skill main direction : research and industry
but everything else is a bit too but look yourself

Pw: 4567

Sale ends : 25.01.2018


(Investor Joe) #2


(Heiko16v) #3

A little bump before Sale ends.

(Heiko16v) #4

Sale ends.
Char sold to Investor Joe pls send isk then I transfer the char.

(feder chok) #5

105 bil if still avable

(Heiko16v) #6

I’m waiting now 3 days I think that was enough time.You can have it.
pls send isk and account name then I transfer the char.

(feder chok) #7

isk sent
account name sent in ingame mail

(Heiko16v) #8

transfer started

thank you

(system) #9

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