126 Sp Mining Pilot Looking for a null sec home

Hey welcome back,

Don’t make a decision about your new Corp until you’ve come to have a chat with us.
If you want to be a key member of a Corp, somewhere you can get back up to speed in a chill, friendly environment and with plenty of pvp and isk making… if you want to be part of a community not just a number or a face in the crowd come talk to us on running with dogs community discord

Check out our website


RUNNING WITH DOGS is a null sec born and bred PvP Corp with a strong backbone and independent spirit

check our website Running with Dogs

Almost a decade of experience and history, active leadership and we’re dedicated building an active community of eve pilots.

Come talk to us on our Running with Dogs Discord Community Server

:white_check_mark: Experienced pilots we can make Eve fun again
:white_check_mark: Returning pilots we can get you back up to speed quickly
:white_check_mark: New to eve we’ll train you and get you into null sec PvP in no time
:white_check_mark: PvP training for rusty returners and new to eve pilots

:index_pointing_at_the_viewer: What you need to bring
:100: Active in game - real life comes first but you need to be able to play regularly
:100: Want to join in Corp and Alliance PvP on a regular basis
:100: Happy to train into doctrines
:100: Willingness to be part of an active community on discord and in game

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