13.37km abyssal scram

Looking to sell a Dark Blood unstable mutated scram. It’s basically a Hakim’s modified scram but with miles better fitting.

Nearly perfect fitting roll of 24.04 cpu (lowest possible roll for this is 24.00)
Near perfect l33t range of 13.37km, (max possible for this is 13.5km)
12gj activation cost.


Starting bid of 1.337b for obvious reasons.
Buyout of 4.337b because i’m not good at buyout pricing.

Auction will run for a week or until buyout is met, whatever comes first.

Have a good one, friends.


1.337b to get you started

1.5b :slight_smile:

A week’s gone by, looks like it’s going to Kristina, the contract will be made shortly.

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