[WTS] 13.49km Unstable Muta Warp Scram!

I’m going to entertain high offers.

I’m not really sure how to value abyssal mods but here goes:

Dark Blood Warp Scrambler = 85 mill in Jita
Unstable Mutaplasmid = 145 mill in Jita

So the cost is 230 mill. Now for profit and rarity of a great range roll (this is the hard part to price) I’d be willing to pay 3x the cost so 690 mill is my offer.

As I said above I’m not really sure how to value these. Does my offer work for you, or do you have a figure in mind? How do you figure what price to sell your mods at?

Unfortunately i don’t think that’s the way it works. This is literally 14 meters away from the longest possible scram roll.

With that, it also has minimal CPU / PG penalties which make it a great roll.

Have a look at the price of Officer Warp Scrams and base your pricing around that.

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Ahhhh I see… so rather than figuring a selling price by adding a profit margin to the cost we would say that this warp scrambler is essentially a Hakim’s modified heavy warp scrambler with better fitting/power consumption.

Sooooooo the bidding would start at like 9 bill haha. I apologize for the (what I now realize was a ) lowball offer hahaha, yikes!

Thank you for giving me a serious response and shedding some light on the valuation process for abyssal mods! Would you mind if I asked you how many rolls it took you to get something this nice?

1.5b offer

This was my 5th roll.

Hopefully these kind of Rolls will make the prices come down as well. So hopefully we can all have a chance for some proper pimped scrams.

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