WTS Amazing abyssal DCU SOLD


15b gets it

10 bil

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meet me in the middle at 12.5?

bumping this, in case someone feels like sniping this sweet sweet deal

This is hardly a God roll and not worth anything around 15b

Maybe if it was an officer roll it would be. This is in reality worth like 1-2b max if you follow the market for these things at all

  1. Supply side of mutas is extremely low. all you can find is gravids and even those sell at 250m a pop. the unstables go for 700 each, of which there is currently 1 available on the market. this complicates rolling batches quite a bit and even if you find the materials to roll a batch of 5, youve already spent 5bil without any guarantee whatsoever that you have something good.
  2. looking at current listings, there is a huge supply shortage. like, t2 gravids are being listed for 1.2b, the total supply is less than one page and with the muta prices being as they are, I hardly see that changing any time soon.
  3. performance wise, this mod is legit and the only one in its class currently out listed. as for pricing, there is no science to it other than what I think is fair given the risk/venture cost and whether or not someone agrees with my numbers.
    Am open to counter offers though!

in making of this did you brick any of them

Cleaned up some posts. Please remain on topic. The price of the item is up to the seller and/or eventual buyer if any. If you don’t agree with the price then move along. Seller has the right to set his own price.

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I put it up on contracts at 3750Plex, can find it under Willow Ghostborn. feel free to post offers here, will reach out if I feel we can come to an agreement. :confetti_ball:

Up we go!

Sure did xD

sent messege ingame

funny thing happening with the DCU mutas,
supply has halted entirely. the final bit of stock out there has been gobbled up and prices are rising (a single decayed for 75 mil, a handful of gravids at 350mil with actual sales in the 250 mil region and a single unstable listing at a whopping 1bil). meanwhile, supply side of final product is still less than one contract page, with gravid t2 rolls being listed at 1.2bil.
very curious to see how prices on these things will develop.

Also, up we go!

Up we go

This way!

if I had the isk and the use for it ide buy it

Don’t let your dreams be dreams man!

Contract is up under WIllow Ghostborn, this will be gone tomorrow!

Aaaaaand its gone

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