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After much soul searching and inner turmoil, I have discovered that I am a mad man.

I abyssal rolled a Cormack DCU, see below.

Q) That isnt all GREEN look at KIN?
Basically it is all green, using round numbers. The hit to Kin is worth a cat’s whisker and rounds to almost nothing.

Q) Why Gravid you retard?
A gravid mutaplasmid was used because CCP made it have the greatest odds - statistically speaking - of improving module characteristics, regardless of if you roll 1 module or a batch of 200. If I did the same roll but transposed onto the distribution from an unstable mutaplasmid then I would have bricked. I may be a mad man, but x1 rolling using an unstable mutaplasmid would require a mad man’s mad man.

Price is undefined offers welcome

I dont even know what to say about this one you are defiantly a mad man… However, you have to have some sort of price in mind or you would not have rolled it in the first place. Give me a rough guestimate of what you would accept for it.

Nvm GL

This is the perfect module for boats worth 12 digit numbers.


This was scarier than The Nun 2 Confirmed.

ngl loved the imp flex in that vid too

Just fyi a t2 dcu with an unstable can have 70’s across the board

Best Dcu ingame.

Hello friendly and anonymous moderators. Please just lock the tread for the sale of the most expensive single module in game ever … is now cancelled.

Locked at OPs request.